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What does “Good” Look Like? The 4-Quadrants of Product Ownership

November 30, 2021

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PMI Announces newest PMI Fellow, Peter Monkhouse, NewGenP co-founder, October 6, 2021

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We are senior instructors for University of Toronto. During one of our collaborations for a course development, we started talking about some major challenges organizations have: executing on their strategy and adapting the product development to the constant changes in the market. Everything circled around the role of the product owner. We believe this role is key in changing business mindsets and focus the organization on strategic priorities. So we built these arguments in our best selling book Gen P: New Generation of Product Owners Who Care About Customers.  It is a book that aims to inspire the new generation of professionals to transform the ways of working and keep the customer in mind. Are you passionate about product development and management? Come and join us, challenge the old ways of working, and get a fresh perspective on product delivery. 

- Joanna Tivig and Peter Monkhouse - 


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Testimonials for Our Book and Courses

Indira Akula

The course, New Gen P for Product Owners was a unique online delivery system of systematically and seamlessly flowing information that takes you through the ACHIEVE Product Ownership. I found the content easy for understanding and the templates were well designed for easy application of ideas learned in the modules. I have enjoyed my virtual and digital interaction with Joanna and Peter who have made the learning experience both fun and rewarding. I have also greatly benefited from reading the book, Gen P side by side along with completing the module templates which further allowed me to have a greater depth of understanding of the content with the pertinent examples provided in the book. I highly recommend this course for anyone with an interest in lean processes, bringing agility and product ownership onboard into their organizations.

Nesha Ali

"Having read the book Gen P, New generation of Product Owners Who Care about Customers, and completing the online course, I found a balanced mix of content that was timely, insightful and actionable. I consider it as foundational for anyone in project management.

I would recommend to organizations who invest in their human capital, making NewGenP courses available to better equip their staff who are tasked to make a transformation happen, solve a stalled adoption or even maintaining stability after a change.

For me, having worn a Project Management Centre of Excellence hat responsible for building capability at CIBC, I looked for training to provide value and the competency lift I needed to demonstrate. It was important for me to secure relevant instructional content, tools & templates, with guidance and support to build upon the best practices and work standards that we established."

Ian Holdsworth image

Ian Holdsworth

"The book Gen P, New generation of Product Owners Who Care about Customers, is a must read for any professional who leads a team to deliver results. Ensuring you maintain focus on your customers requirements, your teams needs, and what product features truly generate value can be a complicated system of interconnected people and processes. Gen P helps to distill this complexity into manageable actions that are the mainstay of success in a highly competitive environment. Gen P is not a one and done read. It’s a guide that will stay on your shelf - referenced time and time again increasing your chances of success at each release."

M Jill Anderson image

M Jill Anderson

"The Product Owners - New Gen P online course helped me understand how Product Owners can effectively execute strategy for the purpose of delivering value to customers. The course completes the big picture of product development and how product owners work with all the product stakeholders. The micro-lectures and examples make this course easy to digest and relevant. The personalized interaction and feedback from Joanna and Peter enhanced my learning experience and skill development."

Kevin Aguanno image

Syed Ishteaque Ahmed

"I have been greatly benefited by the templates shared in "The Product Owner - New Gen P" course. The templates adapts a lean approach for product documentation and is easily understable by the technical and business personnel. Completing the course assisted me to gain new and unique perspectives on product management and applying the knowledge earned at my work eventually enabled me to step in as a product management adviser to my functional managers. The book itself is a great guide for the daily product management activities."

Ricardo Vargas image

Ricardo Vargas

"Gen P addresses with majesty the aspects of moving from ideas to results in an agile environment. Covering aspects related to communications, human behavior, and agility, Joanna and Peter bring to the reader the key points every single person needs to bridge the gap between what is on paper and what becomes reality."

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